Finding Your Voice:

'Finding your voice' is a workshop that encompasses physical awareness and vocal exercises to develop a strong foundation for an embodied voice: Projection, Strengthening Power, Enunciation, Resonance and Range. 



These workshops focus on the speaking voice, not the singing voice. They are an interactive, physical approach to accessing your true vocal potential. If you wish to challenge yourself, to explore beyond your limitations and to find your voice, then this series of workshops are the perfect place to start. 


If you are interested in taking part in workshops such as these, please visit our Services.


From Students at Federation University, Ballarat, VIC:

Public Speaking Workshop - Leadership Program

"It was good to do something out of my comfort zone"

"Flowed really well. Wonderful!"

"Session was nothing like what I expected, but in a good way!"

"Once I allowed myself to relax, it was very good! Thank You!"

"Brett looks like he loves his job"