'Public Speaking' Sessions - Corporate & Business (Professional Development)

Working from a professional perspective. These sessions are shorter, but more frequent and are designed to work the mechanics of the body that support the voice. This is specific to public speaking, focussing on connection of the body and mind in order to engage the voice and find a deeper, grounded confidence. 



'Finding Your Voice' Workshops - Meditation & Mindfulness (Personal Development)

Beginning from a place of mindfulness, you will become aware of your body and voice, its limitations and its potential. Through vocal exercises, spontaneity and impulse work, it is possible to find a strong connection to your core and free yourself from tension to release a more powerful, grounded voice. The results are always suprising as this work is highly personal and individual. This workshop will challenge you to move outside of your comfort zone and will forever change the way you think about the nature of your voice.




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